Soft Shell Crab

Facts About The Maryland Crabs

Maryland crabs are exceptional types of crabs which are found in the sea and not only in Maryland they are also found in the Shores of Victoria. They are also referred to as the blue crabs because of the conspicuous blue color which helps many people to identify them and be part of the many people who find the crabs useful. These crabs are an attraction to many, and as a result, they are protected by all the stakeholders in the government so that they will not be destroyed by some of the predators and also people who like harvesting them.


You will be able to identify the males and the females in some very different ways which include the color of the claws. Most of the women have a reddish orange color which gives them a distinct look from the males which retain their blue color. Males have a long and slender abdomen which is different from the females.Males have an apron which is shaped like the Washington monument which is not the case in the female crabs which are all over the place with some very conspicuous characteristics. Their scientific name is very much appropriate as it means beautiful savory swimmer which depicts their prevalent character. For further details regarding Maryland crabs, visit


They are found along the shores of the Atlantic and the Caribbean seas and also all the way down to the waters in Argentina which is one of the places they will be able to get what is required for them. These sea creatures are cannibals meaning they feed on some other sea creatures and some sea vegetation which is available for them. It is possible for them to grow significantly to the extent that the most significant crab from Crab Dynasty which has been caught so far weighed over one pound meaning some of the species can grow big. They feed on fish but not all the species of the fish and also some of the most common sea creatures like the snails and the mussel.


Their habitat is in the water meaning if they are removed from water they defiantly will die. The female crabs will only mate once in their lifetime, but they have the capability of releasing more than two million eggs per brood, and this explains why the population of the crabs is much in the sea. Most of the people in Mary-land including the Maryland authority value the carb as their state crustacean since there is no other crab. Know more here